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10 Days is the 3rd album to be released by the band on 26th October 2018. The album is a concept based on the 10 days Nellie Bly, a late 1800s American reporter, spent in the asylum for the insane on Blackwell Island. The album is cleverly constructed from sounds and melodies that provide colour and texture within the songs. Moreover, the songs are driven by compound time signatures that punctuate the melodies adding definition to the arrangements. 10 Days is definitely a move in the right direction for The CSides Project. The band is now in rehearsals making ready for the release of their new album 10 Days.

The CSides Project are Allen McCarthy and Sian Elson on lead and backing vocals, Martin Rosser on guitar and backing vocals, Kevin Dawson on keyboards and Allan Mason-Jones on drums. With the current line-up The CSides Project’s musical journey has culminated in a coming together of musical minds with a common vision of progressive rock.

We Are Now (released 2017)

Press reviews


“We Are Now is an album that rewards the listener, as repeated plays reveal the rich texture, changing time signatures and instrumental ability of the band” (Lambsie – Prog Archives, March 2017).


“From out of the ashes of the Welsh band “Magenta” has evolved a bright new South Wales progressive rock outfit entitled “C Sides.” Obviously, I guess, a play on the British term Sea –Side(s). Besides the group name It took me a little while to home in on how good this band actually are but like all good things in music the harder it is to gain access the more worthwhile it turns out to be in the end, a case in point” (Geoff Penn – Prog Planet, June 2017).


“This is a promising debut album: not a perfect one, but one that provides good material for live appearances and a sound basis to plan for album number two” (Paul Jerome Smith – Rocktopia, July 2011).

Extended Track from We Are Now

Truth Through Clowns

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